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Yoga Hus in Scandia & Yoga Forest in Forest Lake!

Specializing in Vinyasa flow classes- yoga postures in connection with the breath.  Presenting a well balanced yoga practice that develops strength, balance and flexibility.  Yoga heals and detoxifies the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. 
We also offer Restorative/Therapeutic yoga classes, Pilates Fusion, Boot Camp and Zumba!
Participants at all levels of experience are welcome!  If you want strong bones, you have to use them!  Everyone needs lifelong weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain healthy bones.  Come Join Us!


* Weight Loss    * Stress reduction    * Muscle Tone  * Overall well-being    * Flexibility   * Balance


Yoga Forest - Forest Lake

No more Core Fusion classes at 5pm Thursdays

Sunday night Gentle Flow + Restorative class shifts from 5pm to 6pm starting this Sunday, March 29th.

Yoga Hus - Scandia

Yoga for Dudes Class - last weekly class is tonight March 24.  Stay tuned for future classes!

The last Sunday 5pm Yoga Class at the Hus is this Sunday, March 29th. 



Keep on the look out for YOGA $TRIVIA$here and on our email updates to win credit at our studios! 

$Trivia! sponsored by Betsey Jeans, Realtor with RE/MAX Synergy Business: 651-982-1227 Cell: 651-246-4407

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